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FLUX TV: Now that's what I call Tiger Weapons, a tribute to Gottfried Engels (1949-2015)

Christian Schmitz, aka Dj Paffendorf has created a very special video  to honour the legacy of Gottfried Engels in the electronic dance music. Gottfried Engels was the owner of top labels like Gang Go with hit artists Blank & Jones, Fragma, Paffendorf  and lately Tiger records with countless beatport hits and massive worldwide beloved club artists under his belt. Gottfried died in August 2015 and he has left an uncovered gap in the German electronic music that will be irreplaceable. Gottfried was a  very talented gifted individual with the incredible ability to spot the future hits and work hard for endless hours behind the scenes to bring them to the public attention and become monster hits in German market. What is very important about him is that he was a  very dedicated friend with kind heart and great sense of humour. 

Christian Schmitz notes: This Video is dedicated to honour Gottfried Engels
(*7. Februar 1949 - ✝ 22. August 2015) Owner of Tiger Records.

"Und meine Seele spannte weit ihre Flügel aus, flog durch die stillen Lande, als flöge sie nach Haus.“
...und wir glaubten, wir hätten noch so viel Zeit"

translation: "and my soul stretched far from their wings, flew through the quiet countryside, as they fly home."
... And we thought we'd still have so much time".

With the opportunity of this video is great chance to remember together some of the best Tiger Records that had the Gottfried Engels special touch! Now that's what I call Tiger Weapons, and those are just some of all the massive tunes released on the top label. 

1-Bellini - Samba De Janeiro 2015 

2-Fragma – Toca Me (twoloud Edit) 

3-Kiki Doll - Don't Leave (Block & Engels Video Mix)

4-Damae - That Same Old Line (Children) (Block & Engels Ibiza Sunrise Dub Mix)

5-Rashid Ajami - Rule The World (Block & Engels Official Video Edit) 

6-DJ Falk - Boogie Man (Patrick Ferryn & Engels – We Came To Boogie Mix)

7-Le Zoo - Everything You Wanted (Gottfried Engels Life Is Life Mix) (Tiger Records)

8-The Rich & Famous - Such a Good Feeling (Engels & Patrick Ferryn Feels So Good Mix) 

9-Mirbeys & Karim – Garden Party (Gottfried Engels Dubbin @ My Garden Mix)

10-Block & Engels feat Leony! - S.E.X (Original Mix)

Tiger records was always present at the most prestigious music conventions including WMC in Miami and Amsterdam Dance Event

Sunshine Live Radio - Tiger Weapons - THE FINAL SHOW - Episode #202 (21.12.2015)

Sunshine Live Radio Tiger Weapons (Remembering Gottfried Engels Special Episode)

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The Gottfried Engels video is by  A Motions 4 U & Audiolutions production

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