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REVIEW: JPL & Jason van Wyk with Cat Martin - Safe out on Black Hole

1. Original Mix
2. Joni Remix
3. P.H.A.T.T. Remix
4. Smart Apes Remix

JPL and Jason van Wyk join forces with Cat Martin on their new release “Safe” on the Black Hole imprint. The vocals are performed by Cat Martin.

Even though he was born as recently as 1987, JPL (real name Joni Ljungqvist) is considered one the biggest rising talents on the trance scene. In 2006, JPL also had a huge hit in his A Boy Called Joni alias, which featured on many compilation albums, including In Search Of Sunrise 5 by Tiesto. Ljungqvist has also remixed a track called Stealth for Kyamoto, whilst collaborating on projects with fellow rising stars Carl B, Static Blue and Galen Behr.

Jason van Wyk has been active since 2008 and made name with several hits over the years, one of them being and musical skills once again with his third single, and second on the Redux label, “Far From Me”, a deep melodic trencher that received support from Armin van Buuren. His singles “Always” and “Once Again”, which was featured on Cosmic Gate’s 4th volume of their “Back2Back” CD series. “September Rain” later on appeared on volume 8 of “In Search Of Sunrise”.

“Safe” is a the perfect example of what happens when two great producers come together. With a beautiful arrangement in the tradition of the ISOS sound, the guys created a stunning arrangement with touching, trancy elements. The remixes all serve another purpose for DJs of various styles, so everyone’s “Safe” with their live set.
 Dimitri Kechagias review: One of the highly anticipated trance release for this Autumn is finally out on Black Hole recordings. The beloved Swedish trance talent JPL and the South African upcoming producer Jason van Wyck team up for a fantastic vocal trancer called Safe featuring the lovely and very trusted voice of Cat Martin who has the ability to add the right colours in any trance release that she takes part and create some special meaning to it. The original mix is a deep progressive trancer that is very moody, haunting and mysterious with cinematic atmosphere and after summer feeling for sure. Joni remix is deep progressive trancer that is more tripping, floating affair with great melodic layers and exotic touches as well. P.H.A.T.T. remix is the banging full on tech trance Big Room trance alternative version that is tougher and rougher with wonderful breakdown and huge distorted rave style synthy lead driving the proceedings to the huge  climax. Lastly the Smart Apes from Ukraine service a stunning version that combines Swedish epic prog house elements with progressive Big Room trance ones in order to create hysteria on the dancefloor. You can expect huge synths, feel good piano and grungy booming basslines to rattle and shake until there is no more sweat for the body to give. Quality trance to keep us Safe! Love IT!
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