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#InDepth Interview with Fisical Project about his upcoming release on ART Recordings

Fisical Project & Ryan K return to ART Recordings! 'Until I Find You' is better than it has any right to be and to date has been doing some serious damage on the trance circuit. Superb peak time material!

It is great pleasure that Fisical Project from Granada, Spain has accepted the challenge to talk about this release on our interview that you can read right here & right now.

Dimitri: When did you start your involvement with electronic dance music and which music style you are more affiliated with and why?

Fisical Project: Everything began in 2010; In my town they have always done a djs contest, and my mother wanted me to participate. The truth is that I had never heard about electronic music. Even though I did not know anything, I try to do what I could, after that started to find djs on internet, and started to listen DJ Tiesto. 

When I discovered electronic music, I started to feel that it was the energy I needed, since during those years of my life, I was totally alone, fighting against abuse and bullying at school.

For me trance always will be my style, was the music that I discover and helped me to stay here. But I really like to listen all kind of music, It helps you to learn more.

Dimitri: Did you had the opportunity to attend any kind of music production course or are u completely self taught? Do you consider that is essential for any artist to complete any production course?

Fisical Project: This a good question, cause of I started to create my music alone, and trying to improve always my sound, I watched many tutorials on YouTube, like the Adam Ellis ones, but my main point was asking for feedback, my friend Borja aka Dim3nsion helped me a lot when I started to make music. I think It is not essential, you can learn easily nowadays there are a lot of tutorials, but always will be more easy to learn with a course, of course.

Dimitri: In which label was your first ever release and how did you manage to attract the attention of the label?

Fisical Project: The truth is that before signing on TFB, which by the way, now they change its name to Ultima Audio, I signed on other labels before, but I do not consider these tracks as real songs. That's why I always I say TFB was my first records label. 

If I remember correctly, a friend talked with them, because it is a record label from my country and they liked the track. 

Dimitri: Please pick for us your Top 5 tracks that you have produced and you consider them as being highly important for the progress of your career indifferent if they were commercially successful.

Fisical Project: This could be a bit complicated for me, but these are the songs that for me have the most feeling:

1. Fisical Project & Ryan K - Escape The Abuse (Original Mix)

2. The Avains & Fisical Project - El Collabro (Original Mix)

3. Fisical Project - Sierra Nevada (Original Mix)

4. Fisical Project & Ryan K - Until I Find You (Original Mix)

5. Aldo Henrycho & Fisical Project - The Killer (Original Mix)

Dimitri: Let's focus on your track Until I Find You  by Fisical Project & Ryan K  on ART Recordings. Please tell us from where did you got the inspiration for the track?

Fisical Project: I think the title says it all: "Until I find You" , I was inspired by the happiness that my couple transmits to me. Thanks to her, I think I have improved a lot this year, She is a big part of my motivation.

Dimitri: How long it took you to produce it and was an easy or difficult process?If you have faced any difficulties please tell us about them and how did you resolved them?

Fisical Project: I think that approximately, Ryan and I took less than a month to do it, the truth is that it was a track in which, we had no problems with the mixdown.

Dimitri: Which was the biggest challenge that you faced during the production of this superb track?

Fisical Project: I think it was, having to export all the sounds to wav to work it better. It is very complicated to work with a laptop when it is a not good one.

Dimitri: Can you describe to us the steps that you went through the production of this track and of any other track?

Fisical Project: We usually start working with the main idea of ​​the song, once you have the main melody, it is very easy to start working on the breakdown and the drop, and afterwards, it is simply to work the mix. You can also start with the introduction of the song, but it's easier and more motivating when you have the main melody.

Dimitri: When the track finished did the label accepted it as it was produced or did the label recommend you to do some changes or fix certain things?

Fisical Project:  This time ART Recordings liked a lot, and we did not change nothing.

Dimitri: Is this track an original composition or is it based on a template from another track produced from you or another producer?

Fisical Project: It is 100% our work, we do not like to copy and paste like maybe other artist do, or to use ghost producer (I am the ghost producer). I always want to make new stuff, try to find new sounds, and innovate to do not make boring tracks. To say the truth I am always focus in make new sounds, and try to add other sound by others kinds of music. Nowadays we need innovate the music we like to stay here.

Dimitri: Is the quality of this track higher than your previous one? If yes in what ways this track sounds better than your previous one?

Fisical Project: I usually say this is my "best track", when you work hard every day, you improve a lot your sound, and the feeling is great, always you can improve your ideas skills, and your sound quality. I think this one sound much better, if you compare with the music I did last year.

Dimitri: Do you have any friends or relatives that you send them the track before sending it to a label or if you are DJ did you test it in your gigs? If yes did you have to do any alterations as a result of the crowd reaction?

Fisical Project: Yes of course, I have some friends that help me a lot with their feedback, like Eugenio Tokarev, Aldo Henrycho, Walter Armas and Raul Mad, they all are great friends and talents. I will have the opportunity in a few days to test it live!

Dimitri: Please describe to us the studio that you have produced the track? What is your favourite hardware and software set up? Do you have in mind any new gear that you wish to get in order to raise the quality of your production?

Fisical Project: Well my studio is just a laptop (Acer Aspire E 15, i7) and a good headphones (Audio Technica MX50). I don't need more at the moment, but I would like to have a better laptop to work without wavs.

Dimitri: Do you master the track yourself or the mastering is task for the record label? Do you understand mastering as being essential?

Fisical Project: This time my friend Duncan Newell did the mastering, he is very professional working the right labels and compression, but sometimes I do my own mastering yes, but I am not as good as him.

Dimitri: There is a growing trend of vinyl coming back for good. Would you like to see this track released on vinyl or any other of your future tracks? Do you prefer digital files or vinyl?

Fisical Project: If you are a music lover you always want to have your music in the best quality, and of course will be great to have a track in vinyl.

Dimitri: Do you have any future releases planned and when will be released?

Fisical Project: In September I will release  new tracks on Extrema, Redux and Tangled Audio. This year I will release 17 tracks, and many tracks in coming with Nathia Kate.

Dimitri: When your long awaited DJ debut will be? 

Fisical Project: My DJ debut going to be next 20-22 of July In "Sunrise Trance Meeting" here in Spain.

Dimitri: Do you produce a radio show/podcast as well? Please tell us here all the details about it. If you don't have one please tell us why you don't think is important for your career.

Fisical Project: When I started to produce I had two shows, but with the time I left they, not many time. But I hope soon start a new radio show.

Dimitri: Best piece of advice you got in relation to your career so far and best tip you learnt recently to make your tracks better.

Fisical Project: 
Paul van Dyk: " Do what you like, and love what you do"
Eugenio Tokarev: "Your next track is your better one"

Dimitri: Please give us your tips or more elaborated advice for any new artists who may read this interview and wish to get involved with the electronic music industry.

Fisical Project: Do not just listen to a type of music, learn from it. Compare your music with that of other artists. Be hard with your feedback. And do what you like, innovate your sound.

Many thanks to Fisical Project for this interview and we wish him all the best in his future career.

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