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REVIEW: Age of Love - Age of Love (Solomun Renaissance Remix) on Renaissance

Revered UK label, tastemaker and authority Renaissance, the label that has not only been at the forefront of the electronic DJ scene but documented its navigation into popular culture have honored a landmark 25 years by inviting Hamburg based DJ and super producer Solomun to rework a timeless classic  - one of a number of tracks that shaped the labels early years.

A constant innovator, Solomun; whom himself has played an equally major role in redefining European house music spoke of the challenge when faced with the prestigious role of reworking one of the most influential tracks in electronic music, for a new generation.
"Its a big challenge to remix such an iconic trance classic, because the Jam & Spoon remix was so good”
He continued detailing both the influence and accessibility of a track that in 1990 established the early sound of trance, captured not least with its inclusion in the hugely successful film based on the UK club scene, Human Traffic.
”Age of Love is one of the very few tracks from that era that I actually play occasionally in my sets, so it was already a timeless piece of music for me. That's why I said yes to the remix!
“For the remix, I wanted to keep the essence of the track but with another groove. It’s like a trip, until the salvation at the very end.”
Solomun’s enormous and poignant remix has already been a key track for selected DJ’s over the last few months including Tale of Us, Dubfire, Maceo Plex, Sasha and Pete Tong whom made it last weeks coveted Essential New Tune.

'Renaissance The ReMix Collection'. Is a concept focused on introducing new ears to seminal tracks that have remained significant and iconic to Renaissance for over two decades. True to form Renaissance highly collectable vinyl products will be beautifully packaged and presented in box set form and available as limited editions.

The series celebrates Renaissance’s musical legacy and firmly establishes its future place in the electronic music landscape. 

Age of Love - ‘The Age of Love’ (Solomun Renaissance Remix) will be released through Renaissance July 21st.

Vinyl also includes “Jam & Spoon Watch Out For Stella Mix” as the B-side.

Dimitri Kechagias review:
[review top="1"]
 [item value="10"]Beat and Rhythm[/item]
 [item value="10"]Basslines and Groove[/item]
 [item value="10"] Melody [/item]
 [item value="10"] Synths [/item]
 [item value="10"]Vocals and Lyrics[/item]
 [item value="10"]Breakdown[/item]
 [item value="10"]Climax  / Drop / Crescendo / Pay off moment[/item]
 [item value="10"]Intensity, Drive and Energy[/item]
 [item value="10"]Sound-design and Arrangement[/item]
 [item value="10"]Overall Atmosphere[/item]
 [item value="10"]Goosebumps / Shivers moments[/item]
 [item value="10"]Emotional affinity and heartfelt moments[/item]
 [item value="10"]Originality and Inventiveness[/item]
 [item value="10"]Dancefloor Efficiency / Festival Arenas Effectiveness[/item]
 [item value="10"]You can’t get this memorable track out of your head[/item]
 [item value="10"]It has potential to become an anthem or a classic[/item]
 [item value="10"]Age of Love - ‘The Age of Love’ (Solomun Renaissance Remix) [/item]
 [content title="Summary" label="Overall Score"]The legendary UK Club brand Renaissance returns in 2017 with its record label side with the release of the highly anticipated Solomun remix on the beloved trance classic The Age Of Love. Solomun is well know for his deep melodic dark house edgy releases and his remix follows exactly this path of dark moody and truly bouncy tech house anthem that will certainly appeal to new audiences but to those who loved the eternal classic Jam & Spoon remix. Superb drums, deep haunting basslines, synthy lines from the original, trancy heavenly voices and the well known female vocal that invites you on the dancefloor to dance. The arrangement keeps the original elements balanced upon the sexy fat drums and hypnotise the listener with acid and synthy riffs to carry them away for the trip of their lifetime. The breakdown is quite empty with just the vocal and then the immediate start of the outro part that continues on the same bouncy and danceable fashion. Just imagine dancing to this  beauty early in the morning as the new day comes in and the darkness fade away. Essential item! #PureGold Love IT[/content]

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