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CONFERENCE: Jesse Rose interview at IMS Ibiza 2017

On Friday 26th of May at IMS, Jesse Rose spoke of his time in the music industry and why he feels it’s time to stop DJing. Interviewed by B.Traits (BBC Radio 1), Jesse outlined his career through the music industry and how a year ago he felt he wouldn’t stop DJing.
‘I’m not leaving dance music, everything that I’ve learnt on the way I want to bring back into it. It felt like a good time to retire from DJing every week’ 
Speaking about the difficulties of getting noticed a producer, Jesse explains how releasing your music on vinyl was key to building a fan base and getting people invested in your music.

‘When I started, you had to release a record and it had to be played on vinyl. You had to find a label to invest in pressing up that record which was a difficult thing to do’ 

A key topic throughout this year’s IMS has been how artists can stay healthy on the road. Jesse shared his experience and knowledge outlining that as an industry, many young artists are unaware of the health risks of constantly touring and partying. 
“With DJ-ing you have to give 100 percent all the time”  
He continued to discuss his career highlights such as gaining a residency at Berlin’s Panorama Bar and whilst he hasn’t revealed any definitive plans for the future, it seems as though he’ll be staying within the electronic music industry.