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REVIEW: Kago Pengchi - Funk It / Yuki out on Statement recordings

Infusing his signature sound with gargantuan basslines and sparkling plucks, Kago Pengchi hits Statement with two shots of progressive. 'Funk It' and 'Yuki' are mood setters as well as club demolition tools, blending unbridled power with subtlety and serenity. This gorgeous two-pack has got it all covered.

Dimitri Kechagias review:
[review top="1"]
 [item value="10"]Beat and Rhythm[/item]
 [item value="10"]Basslines and Groove[/item]
 [item value="10"] Melody [/item]
 [item value="10"] Synths [/item]
 [item value="10"]Breakdown[/item]
 [item value="10"]Climax  / Drop / Crescendo / Pay off moment[/item]
 [item value="10"]Intensity, Drive and Energy[/item]
 [item value="10"]Sound-design and Arrangement[/item]
 [item value="10"]Overall Atmosphere[/item]
 [item value="10"]Goosebumps / Shivers moments[/item]
 [item value="10"]Emotional affinity and heartfelt moments[/item]
 [item value="10"]Originality and Inventiveness[/item]
 [item value="10"]Dancefloor Efficiency / Festival Arenas Effectiveness[/item]
 [item value="10"]You can’t get this memorable track out of your head[/item]
 [item value="10"]It has potential to become an anthem or a classic[/item]
 [item value="10"] Kago Pengchi - Funk It / Yuki [/item]
 [content title="Summary" label="Overall Score"] Kago Pengchi is one of the most talented progressive trance talents with superb tracks in his back catalogue. For Statement delivers the stunning Funk It and Yuki. Funk It is an excellent slice of electro prog trance at its very best. Funky electro smashed basslines, pounding playful drums, wobbly rocking groove combined with nice warm melodic euphoric breakdown while the climax continues in the same funky prog trance style. Yuki is the 2nd track and the more sweet proglifting one. Electro pulsating basslines, solid drums and variety of cool synthy layers and dreamy heavenly voices. The breakdown is relaxing with calming synths and spoken vocal sample. The tension is slowly building up until we reach the euphoric hands in the air climax that is colourful and truly optimistic perfect to let yourself go and fly with hands in the air. #PureGold Love It[/content]

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