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FEATURE: Airwave - Signature Collection for Omnisphere - Volume 2

PlugInGuru & Bonzai Progressive are proud to announce the release of Airwave - Volume 2. This is the 2nd patch library of Trance - Psy Trance - Progressive House/Trance patches by Airwave.

Airwave - Volume 1 was one of the biggest selling 3rd party patch libraries ever created for Omnisphere. 18 months later, this new library has arrived and comes with a slew of new patches that perfectly compliment Volume 1 without duplicating the sounds found in the original. Volume 2 has a more aggressive - harsh - distorted tone to many patches that have a modular synthesizer vibe to them. The arpeggiator patterns are a bit more complex and melodic, the drums are now sample-based. There are over 30 inspiring new texture samples that are derived from past Airwave productions! By using advanced sound design techniques to create these textures and then looping them, owners of this library gain a large number of new samples (not just patches) to use for their own music compositions and productions.

The library is packed with 273 patches, over 80 multis and over 90 new samples (Kicks, Snares, HiHats and the Texture samples mentioned previously). The Multis cover lots of ground giving you drone and texture Multis that cross-fade between 4 samples by simply moving the modulation wheel. There are drum grooves where 8 notes play 8 different drum - arpeggiator grooves. There are drum menus where each of the 8 notes are different Kicks, Snares or HiHats. And then there are a bunch of Multis that showcase how well the patches and club shaking drum patches work together by layering drum grooves and Bass - Synth BPM patches to create complete music productions which are easily modified by the for your own productions.

Airwave - Volume 2 retails for $45 but is on sale until January 5th 2017 for just $39.
Furthermore, a purchase of Airwave - Volume 2 also includes a bonus library called the "10/20 Collection" which has 200 patches from the other diverse and equally incredible libraries for Omnisphere 2 that PlugInGuru currently sells.

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