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FEATURE: Kwettr opens AVA Recordings Pop Up Store: Pay with a Spotify follow

Kwettr makes and rents out digital pop up stores where people can pay using social media data. For AVA Recordings, Kwettr has made a pop up store to celebrate their 150th release. 

The AVA Recordings online pop up store is a temporary digital store where customers can pay by liking AVA Recordings on Facebook, or following on Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat. In addition to that, Kwettr introduces Pay with Spotify. Customers can pay by following AVA Recordings on Spotify. The pop up store will be opened for three weeks, starting today, september 19th 2016.

In the AVA Recordings pop up store customers can download Andy Moor & Somna tracks. All they have to do is pay for it with social media data such as a Tweet. AVA uses the pop up store to give their fans something back for their support. A tweet, like or follow is rewarded with a free track.

Pay with Spotify
In addition to pay with a tweet, facebook like, snapchat follow or instagram follow, Kwettr introduces Pay with Spotify. Customers can pay with Spotify by following an artist or certain playlists. After following certain content on Spotify, the customer receives his product of choice via e-mail. 

link to store: http://www.digitalpopupstores.com/avarecordings/

Black Hole business unit Kwettr is nominated for the Accenture Award 2016, for most innovative company of The Netherlands. We need YOUR vote to win this amazing prize. Please vote for Kwettr here: https://goo.gl/La1dvG and if they win, they give away 5 Black Hole Recordings goodie bags, filled with CD’s, DVD’s and lots of cool items. Including a DVD signed by Tiësto. All you have to do is vote, and let them know you voted by placing a comment on the YouTube video. On October 28 they announce the winners.

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