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ADE 2016: Dutch Greener Festival Award ceremony at ADE Green

Visit the dedicated conference on sustainability on ADE's Wednesday in order to find meaningful solutions for the future.

More and more festivals are going green, new initiatives arise and exciting collaborations see the day. Together with Green Events Nederland and A Greener Festival, ADE Green programs workshops, an in-depth panel and the award ceremony of A Greener Festival, to help events go even greener! Last year at ADE Green, seven Dutch festivals signed the ‘Green Deal – Waste free festivals’, collaborating on the aim to reduce waste and increase recycling. This year they will share the measures they took and talk about the results and challenges.

Zero-Waste & Waste Management
One of the measures that proved to be highly successful is introducing reusable hard cups instead of disposable ones. Although working with hard cups is very common in countries such as Germany, there seem to be a lot of obstacles for the Dutch event industry. In the Zero-Waste panel we will discuss those obstacles, plus the do’s and don’ts from three different points of views: visitors, organizers and breweries. In the Green Deal, Waste Management workshop, the waste issues as a whole will be discussed in-depth.   

A Greener Festival Award 
Festivals who haven’t yet started going green can get their starter tips at the Go Greener Workshop. This introductory workshop will teach you where to start, and how to manage sustainability and different sustainability-related themes like energy, waste, traffic, transport and catering. And last, but by no means least, we are excited to announce that the ceremony for ‘A Greener Festival Award’ is back! A new scheme has been introduced as a way to help festivals to adapt or refine their behaviour and become more environmentally conscious. Several Dutch festivals have applied for an Award and during this ceremony they will hear if they are to be rewarded for their efforts.

If you want to stay updated on ADE Green, attend here to the Facebook event.

ADE Green is a collaboration between ID&T and ADE, supported by Green Events Nederland, Green Music Initiative, Julie’s Bicycle and Open-House. 

ADE Green
Date: Wednesday October 19
Venue: De Brakke Grond
Tickets for ADE Green (35,-) are available here. The event is also accessible for 1- & 5- day conference ticketholders.

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