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REVIEW: Luke Bond feat. Georgia Mason - Alone out on Garuda Music

Garuda regular Luke Bond is one who knows how to thrill his audience, that's for sure. 'Alone' is one of those cuts just made for the dance floor, composed of the melodious elements essential to making this track infallibly momentous and adorned by Georgia Mason's soaring vocals. Sound the alarm and brace yourself, the tune alert just went off.

Dimitri Kechagias review:
[review top="1"]
 [item value="10"]Beat and Rhythm[/item]
 [item value="10"]Basslines and Groove[/item]
 [item value="10"] Melody [/item]
 [item value="10"] Synths [/item]
 [item value="10"]Vocals and Lyrics[/item]
 [item value="10"]Breakdown[/item]
 [item value="10"]Climax  / Drop / Crescendo / Pay off moment[/item]
 [item value="10"]Intensity, Drive and Energy[/item]
 [item value="10"]Sound-design and Arrangement[/item]
 [item value="10"]Overall Atmosphere[/item]
 [item value="10"]Goosebumps / Shivers moments[/item]
 [item value="10"]Emotional affinity and heartfelt moments[/item]
 [item value="10"]Originality and Inventiveness[/item]
 [item value="10"]Dancefloor Efficiency / Festival Arenas Effectiveness[/item]
 [item value="10"]You can’t get this memorable track out of your head[/item]
 [item value="10"]It has potential to become an anthem or a classic[/item]
 [item value="10"] Luke Bond feat. Georgia Mason - Alone[/item]
 [content title="Summary" label="Overall Score"] Luke Bond returns on Garuda with the magnificent Georgia Mason on vocal duties for the stunning Alone. High class energetic trancer with pulsating basslines, pounding drums and superb breakdown with melancholic piano melody combined with Georgia vintage tone on vocals. Great lyrics that anyone can identify and start singing along.  The climax is euphoric and full on hands in the air with the excellent uplifting synthy hooks carrying you away above and beyond the sky. It's a highly optimistic track despite the title that maybe make you think otherwise. Luke Bond is simply a huge trance magician! #PureGold Love It[/content]

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