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ADE 2016: Introducing: ADE SLEEP/OVER at NDSM

New pop-up campsite at the NDSM wharf will feature a wide range of music events, special artist talks and contemporary art installations.

This year ADE introduces ADE SLEEP/OVER, a pop-up campsite located on the impressive post-industrial site of the NDSM Shipyard, only 15 minutes away from the city’s Central Station. A brand new addition to complement the 24/7 ADE experience, the spacious campsite offers over four hundred comfortable, heated, sleeping accommodations with jaw-dropping views over the city of Amsterdam.

Besides a unique stay and meeting point, ADE SLEEP/OVER, an initiative by Amsterdam Dance Event, Wink and the NDSM Foundation in collaboration with Camping De Lievelinge and CampSolutions, is also the place to experience a taster of what the wider ADE program has to offer. ADE SLEEP/OVER and the industrial backdrop of the NDSM Shipyard will play host to it’s very own program, including music events, artist talks and contemporary art installations.

More information about the full ADE SLEEP/OVER program to be announced! Tickets will go on sale August 4th via adesleepover.com

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