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ADE 2016: ADE NEXT platform for up and coming talents returns Saturday 22nd October

ADE's platform for up and coming DJs, musicians, producers and artists, provides even more possibilities for your music this year.

After the recent announcements about the ADE SLEEP/OVER and our festival program we now turn our focus to ADE Next, ADE's forum for the young and talented taking place at Felix Meritis on Saturday October 22.

First up: there have been some additions to the ADE Next program. Besides our annual demo pitches and the 20th edition of the Demolition Panel featuring Dave Clarke, you can take part in our first ever sync competition and you get the chance to have your track mastered by one of the world’s greatest sound engineers!

So You Think You Can Sync! - The Talent Edition 
SYTYCS! offers musicians the chance to try their hand at creating music for a primetime advert from globally renowned agency Grey Worldwide. You can download the add from, and upload your submission at MusicGateway.net. The creators of the five best syncs will be invited to ADE Next where the winner will be picked and will leave with a bunch of prices. Deadline is September 16th.

Master Your Track
Luca Pretolesi is responsible for mixing and mastering some of the biggest tracks in the industry; Diplo, Lil Jon and Snoop Lion, just to name a few. At ADE Next you get the chance to have your track finished by him! Details on how to participate will be announced at the ADE Next Facebook event next week; attend here. 

Video makers
ADE Next has brought together a crack team of some of the world's best and most creative video makers to help you take the next step into the audiovisual world. One of them is Paul Geusebroek who directed the Desiigner video “Panda” which just got nominated for best hip hop video at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards. The twenty-nine year old talent is also known for his music videos for Yellow Claw, the Opposites as well as making top notch commercials for Nike and Pokémon.

What else to expect..?
There will be several In The Studio With....sessions with Sander van Doorn and Detroit Swindle, where you get the chance to learn from the pro’s! Three generations of producers, Throttle, Oliver Heldens and Chocolate Puma, will interview each other about the art of making music, their inspirations and of course tell some funny anecdotes. 

Also there will be a lot of panels offering advice and tips on how to advance your career featuring leading artists, managers, agents and label people!

ADE Next takes place on October 22nd in Felix Meritis, so you have a bit over two months to get your music ready! And it only costs €15...so what are you waiting for?

Tickets are available here. The event is also accessible for 1-& 5-Day conference ticket holders.

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