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FESTIVAL NEWS: Creamfields 2016 revealed four stages with the most advanced and forward thinking technology

Creamfields isn’t holding back as they continue on their quest to deliver an all new Creamfields experience this year.   2016 sees the award winning dance fest unveil a ton of new and exciting additions to its format, with a heavy investment focused on a series of all new stage constructions and production concepts and their latest offering to get you excited - The Arc. 

Firstly, The Arc is superb stage that will stand out without second thoughts. Incredible design and futuristic environment that will transfer you to different places and spaces in time. Secondly, The Vault is the brand new open air arena, designed exclusively for Creamfields features industrial grade production and world class SFX, with a stacked LED cube design and 360 layout the structure features over 52 tons of metal, 274 light fixtures, 50000w of audio and will take 17 Arctic trucks to transport it!

Thirdly, the most ambitions production concept ever – The Steel Yard superstructure, the largest of its kind in Europe with a capacity of 20,000 and featuring newly developed automated technology plus fourthly the all new colossal Horizon Stage.   Four magnificent stages that will be talked about for months after their introduction at this years forward thinking Creamfields festival. 

And for those who need a break away from the beats, check out the Creamfields Collective,  a brand new experience that’s been curated, offering a jam packed itinerary of alternative entertainment and experiential pop ups for festival goers to immerse themselves including Bongos Bingo, Pamper Street, the Inflatable Church and performances from the Showhawk Duo and the New York Brass Band.

The following videos give you a taste of what you can expect in the newly announced four stages.

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