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COMPILATION REVIEW: Various Artists - From Rio With Love out on Elux Records

'From Rio With Love', compiled by Jean-Charles Fousdelamer, one of the musicians & producers of 'Fous De La Mer‘(with Marko Bussian), is an homage to Brazil: the wonderful music, the Brazilian way of life, the Brazilian people, the Brazilian language and last but not least to Rio De Janeiro.

The chosen tracks contain some of 'Fous De La Mer's famous works, from Bossa Nova to Electronic/ Easy Listening. These include 'Asi Vas', 'Conmigo', 'Never Stop Loving', 'Watersong', 'All These Years' (sung by Clair Dietrich), 'Esse Sonho', 'Le Navigator Solitaire' (spoken by Fou and Adilia Da Silva Sousa) as well as traditional Bossa Nova hymns such as'The Girl From Ipanema', 'Agua de Beber' , 'Triste', 'Wave', 'Insensatez', (sung by Sol Ruiz De Galarreta) and 'Reza' (sung by Sol Ruiz De Galarreta & Clair Dietrich).

Fous De La Mer's tracks are taken from their previous full length Albums 'Ultramar', 'Ipanema' and 'Unreleased & Remixed'. Sol´s tracks are taken from her last album 'Flying Over Brazil'. The chosen tracks have been rearranged or reinterpreted in homage to the coming Olympic Games in Brazil. The continuous mix is supported by a spoken word narration from Adilia Da Silva Sousa, in which she reflects upon her love and admiration for Brazil, its landscapes and people.

Close your eyes, listen to the sea, feel the sun and let the music envelop you!

Time to relax and enjoy!

1. Esse Soho (Rio Love Edit)
2. Coco Verde (Rio Love Edit)
3. Ultramar (Rio Love Edit)
4. Agua de Beber (Rio Love Edit)
5. Corcovado (Rio Love Edit)
6. Watersong (Rio Love Edit)
7. Le Navigateur Solitaire (Rio Love Edit)
8. Bossaliday (Tudu Vai e Vem) (Rio Love Edit)
9. Asi Vas (Rio Love Edit)
10. Aquarela do Brasil (Rio Love Edit)
11. Insensatez (Rio Love Edit)
12 .Wave (Vou te contar) (Rio Love Edit)
13. Luces (Rio Love Edit)
14. All These Years (Rio Love Edit)
15. Garota de Ipanema (Rio Love Edit)
16. Triste (Rio Love Edit)
17. Tu Mirada (Rio Love Edit)
18. Reza (Rio Love Edit)
19. I´d Love To Change The World (Rio Love Edit)
20. Conmigo (Rio Love Edit)
21. Chega da Saudade (Rio Love Edit)
22. Bigger Love (Rio Love Edit)
23. Never Stop Loving (Rio Love Edit)

Dimitri Kechagias review:
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 [item value="10"]Various Artists - From Rio With Love[/item]
 [content title="Summary" label="Overall Score"]Elux records is one of the finest electronica label with high class releases and fantastic output of beautiful music that passes the test of time and will remain part of your life soundtrack for sure. The Olympic Games in Brazil is fantastic occasion to dedicate a whole compilation of  Brazilian influenced music that will make you book a ticket and pack your bags and go to Brazil. Magnificent relaxing sounds that will transfer you to a secure romantic nostalgic sonic environment. Each and every of these 23 songs are carefully selected and you can be rest assured that the vibes are floating, passion for creativity and progressive arrangement is evident as various influences are merged perfectly. Slow grooves, smooth basslines, piano chords, guitar riffs, cinematic strings, synthy lines and most importantly magical singers with velvet like delicate voices that have depth and subtlety to carry you away for a sonic journey in Brazil that doesn't sound folklore or ethnic or just like the music you get on travel videos. If you want the right music to make you feel good, positive and energized then this compilation is must have! I don't want to point to any specific song because all of them are so irresistibly infectious but I can choose as favourites Le Navigateur Solitaire and Garota de Ipanema which is based on The Girl From Ipanema! It deserves a #PureGOLD metal in the olympics games for electronic musicians! LOVE IT as I LOVE BRAZIL! [/content]

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