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COMPILATION REVIEW: In Trance We Trust CD 21 Mixed By Adam Ellis out August 5th

The tradition continues for well renowned and and highly respected label, In Trance We Trust, celebrating over almost 400 releases with its 21st mix compilation! In Trance We Trust’s list of former compilation mixers includes hall-of-famers and revered underground legends alike - Bobina, Johan Gielen, Misja Helsloot, Cor Fijneman, Mark Norman, Sneijder and Menno de Jong to name but a handful. Its singles discography reads more like an A to Z encyclopaedia of trance music’s producers and remixers.

A new face to the compilation world, but no stranger to the trance scene, Englishman Adam Ellis delivers a solid mix showcasing over 14 new and exclusive tracks by fresh and established faces across the globe, including his own. Arguably he is known best for his debut single and number 1 track on Beatport 100 Trance charts, 'Napalm Poet', and his stellar remixes of John O’Callaghan’s ‘Big Sky’, Menno de Jong’s ‘Creatures Of The Night’ and ReOrder’s ‘Gemini’. The powerful, euphoric melodies and relentless energy eminent in his productions consistently supported by the elite, has helped carve his way quickly into the trance hall of fame and catapulted his DJ career, and he shows no signs of slowing down.

The compilation is beautifully mixed together by Adam with an array of trance; let the music speak for itself and enjoy the journey.

Out on August 5th: buy here

01. UCast - Jetlag (Intro Mix)
02. Adam Ellis & Michele C - Don’t Disappear
03. David Rust - Nightshade
04. Chris Metcalfe featuring Amy Kirkpatrick - Across The World
05. Danny Minns - Alpha Seven
06. JERZYK - Atlanta
07. Mekka - Diamondback (Adam Ellis Remix)
08. Will Atkinson - Subconscious
09. Skylex - Fire Kingdom
10. Niko Zografos - Acropolis
11. Allen Watts - Magnus
12. Allan Morrow - Desolation
13. Active Limbic System - Exploring Another Reality
14. Aimoon - Unstoppable
15. Adam Ellis - Tilikum
16. Shugz - Eden’s Calling
17. Midway - Monkey Forest (Casey Rasch Remix)

Dimitri Kechagias review:
[review top="1"]
 [item value="10"]Beat and Rhythm[/item]
 [item value="10"]Basslines and Groove[/item]
 [item value="10"] Melody [/item]
 [item value="10"] Synths [/item]
 [item value="10"]Breakdown[/item]
 [item value="10"]Climax  / Drop / Crescendo / Pay off moment[/item]
 [item value="10"]Intensity, Drive and Energy[/item]
 [item value="10"]Sound-design and Arrangement[/item]
 [item value="10"]Overall Atmosphere[/item]
 [item value="10"]Goosebumps / Shivers moments[/item]
 [item value="10"]Emotional affinity and heartfelt moments[/item]
 [item value="10"]Originality and Inventiveness[/item]
 [item value="10"]Dancefloor Efficiency / Festival Arenas Effectiveness[/item]
 [item value="10"]You can’t get this memorable track out of your head[/item]
 [item value="10"]It has potential to become an anthem or a classic[/item]
 [item value="10"]In Trance We Trust CD 21 promo sampler 1[/item]
 [content title="Summary" label="Overall Score"]ITWT is considered to be one of the most iconic and truly legendary trance label that has passed the test of time and now under the guidance of Menno de Jong goes through its renaissance period with many artists cuing to have a release on a label that has shaped trance culture. The latest compilation is mixed by Adam Ellis who I had the chance to have an interview with and I must say he is a down to earth guy with huge talent. The first 3 tracks emerging from this compilation are classy and truly especial. Firstly Allen Watts presents the superb Magnus. High class uplifting trance vibes with straight forward formula with long heavenly breakdown with ethereal voices and excellent breakbeat section while on top the huge euphoric synthy riffs will uplift your senses to the maximum.  Quality Ibiza style trancer with loads of sunkissed melodic layers to carry you away from reality. Allan Morrow comes next with Desolation. The track starts in truly aggressive vicious punchy way until to land on the breakdown. It stars with a spoken male vocal sample that adds the tone followed by the massive uplifting synthy hook along cool voices and intense build up that will bring us to the climax is bass focused with huge dark moody synthy stabs and playful inventive arrangement. The beloved Greek project Active Limbic System present their exceptional slice of high class underground madness Exploring Another Reality. You can expect to get metallic basslines, old school techy grooves, sharp kicks and strong breakdown with nice melodies and harmonies that make you float for a while. The theme is unforgettable and highly infectious. The drop is rough and uncompromising so expect to go totally berserk in dark moody rough climax. #PureGold Love it [/content]

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