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ALBUM: DJ Pippi - Bocadillos Variados out on Music For Dreams

DJ Pippi, the legendary Ibiza DJ, will be releasing his first ever artist album ‘Bocadillos Variados’ on the Music For Dreams label on Friday 1st July 2016.

The legend dj Pippi
The 12 track album features Pippi’s own style of quality global house music and deep soulful Balearic grooves and includes the single ‘La Serenata’ with Kenneth Bager, and track ‘So Beautiful’ featuring Barbara Tucker. The album also features contributions from producers and musicians Tuccinelli, J.L., Victor Martin (Eurythmics), Cesar De Melero, Paul Powell & Tracy.

DJ Pippi became known in Ibiza after the management of the club Pacha heard one of his mixtapes. The Ibiza-based, Italian DJ has since become synonymous with the rise of Pacha and Pippi has worked two different eras at the club. The first stint was between 1984 and 1987, and the second one started in 1991 – and continues to this day. DJ Pippi spent the intervening years as resident DJ at the open-air club Ku, now Privilege. After 30 years in Ibiza, Pippi has become an institution and this summer can be heard in residence at Pacha, Jockey Club in Salinas, and Santos in Playa D’en Bossa, and is also playing Glitterbox at Space. 

Pippi’s previous recording successes have included house anthems, The Original ‘I Luv U Baby’ and B-Tribe ‘Fiesta Fatal’, both global dance hits. 

Pippi says:
“The purpose of this album is to take the listener on a journey through Ibiza’s beautiful Balearic musical heritage, deeply and strongly influenced by black music, African, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern sounds and culture. The album was made in collaboration with musicians and producers to fulfill my dream of offering the audience a more faithful recreation of the true Mediterranean Sound.” 

Kenneth Bager (Music For Dreams, 2016) says:
"This is the debut album by Ibiza legend DJ Pippi, he has in essence captured the true spirit of the marvelous island – Ibiza! For some DJs & producers music is more than just their passion or occupation; it’s the reason for their existence, the thing that keeps their world turning. DJ Pippi is that special breed." 

Album tracklist:
1. DJ Pippi - Never Stop Dreaming (feat. Kenneth Bager)
2. DJ Pippi - Cristal Palpita
3. DJ Pippi - Dangerous (feat. JL)
4. DJ Pippi - Make U Smile (feat. Tuccinelli)
5. DJ Pippi - Artificial Soul (feat. Tuccinelli)
6. DJ Pippi - La Serenata (feat. Kenneth Bager)
7. DJ Pippi - Calas Encantadas
8. DJ Pippi - So Beautiful (feat. Barbara Tucker)
9. DJ Pippi - Joy & Pain
10. DJ Pippi - Mr. P
11. DJ Pippi - Eivissa Saxomatica

DJ Pippi ‘Bocadillos Variados’ is released by Music For Dreams on vinyl, CD, digital and stream on Friday 1st July 2016.

Pippi DJ dates:
Ibiza Summer Residencies 2016:
30/6 Santos Ibiza Playa Den Bossa

8/7 Glitterbox Space Ibiza
9/7 Santos Hotel Suite Playa Den Bossa
15/7 Sunset Beach Hotel New York City
16/7 Le Bain New York City
21/7 Santos Hotel Suite Playa Den Bossa
22/7 Funky Room Pacha Ibiza
28/7 Santos Hotel Suite Playa Den Bossa
29/7 Funky Room Pacha Ibiza
31/7 Jockey Club

4/8 Santos Hotel Suite Playa Den Bossa
5/8 Glitterbox, Space Ibiza
7/8 Jockey Club
8/8 Pacha Mallorca
11/8 Santos Hotel Suite Playa Den Bossa
12/8 Funky Room Pacha Ibiza
14/8 La Bush FSTV Brussels
18/8 Santos Hotel Suite Playa Den Bossa
19/8 Funky Room Pacha Ibiza
21/8 Jockey Club
25/8 Santos Hotel Suite Playa Den Bossa
26/8 Funky Room Pacha Ibiza
28/8 Jockey Club

1/9 Santos Hotel Suite Playa Den Bossa
2/9 Funky Room Pacha Ibiza
4/9 Jockey Club
8/9 Santos Hotel Suite Playa Den Bossa
9/9 Funky Room Pacha Ibiza
11/9 Jockey Club
15/9 Santos Hotel Suite Playa Den Bossa
16/9 Funky Room Pacha Ibiza
18/9 Jockey Club
22/9 Santos Hotel Suite Playa Den Bossa
23/9 Glitterbox Closing @ Space
24/9 ME Hotel Madrid
25/9 Jockey Club
29/9 Santos Hotel Suite Playa Den Bossa
30/9 Funky Room Pacha Ibiza

7/10 Closing Funky Room Pacha Ibiza

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