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Flux BPM DJ and Artist Charts: Audio Noir April Top 10 2016

                                            Audio Noir presents his April Top 10

Halfway through the second decade of the 21st century, you have to hesitate some before reaching for artistic descriptions like “mysterious” or “enigmatic”. Atypical is the new typical; it’s all been said; it’s all been done before, right!? How else though do you depict an artist who, over a good few years and now dozens of productions, has never bared his own face to camera, nor shown himself ‘unmasked’? An artist who opts instead for a series of silhouettes, outlines, altered images and other avant-garde-ist phantasmagorias with which to present himself to his audience. And an artist, it must be remembered, who goes under the distinctly shrouded alias/cloak of Audio Noir! The clandestinely minded Australian won’t be ‘exploding onto any scenes’. He’s no “overnight sensation”, nor could his career rise (thus far anyway) be classified as “swift” or “meteoric”. He doesn’t DJ either (“yet” he underscores) and he may well be too ‘fresh of age’ to have even heard one of his own tracks played live in club. Played live they’ve been, though, with ever-increasing frequency over the last 18 months and to no small measure of DJ acclaim. Paul Oakenfold, Solarstone, John 00 Fleming, Airwave, M.I.K.E Push and Gai Barone are just some of the spinners who’ve been dialling in, with ever more regularity to his own unique, mood-fuelled electronic music hybridization. That sound has seen his releases pollinate across a good few of the more forward thinking label stables: J00F, Green Martian, Perfecto Black and Suffused being but a cross-section. So, if you’ve not already had the occasion, there’s probably no been a better time to ‘meet’ Audio Noir… (“mk.1” he’s at odds to stress) deep & tech house, with trance shades completing its stylistic quadrangle. Belying his tenderer years, Audio Noir’s sonic influences (specifically: “Leftfield, William Orbit, Sasha, Underworld, Digweed, Massive Attack, Pink Floyd & Nightmares On Wax”) are writ large, ten foot high throughout his productions. Vocals are more the exception than the rule in Audio Noir’s music. When they come though, they duly land with even greater impact. Watch this space, much more to follow!

Forthcoming releases to watch out for from Audio Noir:
Progressive Tales #2, R3W!ND Volume 2, Sacred Cycles - Audio Noir Rekonstruction, In the Mix Volume 2.

The latest Audio Noir mix compilation is released 11/4/2016

                                                          Audio Noir artist April Top 10

Number 10: Chicola - Endless Sun

Number 9: Various - Afterhour Trax 19

Number 8: Nico Parisi - Raklet

Number 7: Christopher Hermann – Emerald Queen

Number 6: Ruslan Vashkevich - Kosmos

Number 5: Matan Caspi – Celebrium | Rise & Fall Mix

Number 4: JoC H - Never Give Up

Number 3: Phi Phi - Breaking Danger

Number 2: Various - Solarstone presents Pure Trance 4

Number 1: Gai Barone - Towards

Wonderful news for any Audio Noir fans. Very soon on the weekly house and progressive radio show Flux House Anthems Only on 1mix radio Audio Noir has completed an exclusive Progressive Tales that you can not afford to miss.

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