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ALBUM: Dj Antoine - Provocateur out on Armada Music / Kontor records

At the beginning of spring we have great news to announce: A new DJ Antoine album will be released very soon!

The history of this new album starts in the first months of 2015 when DJ Antoine and his studio partner Mad Mark were developing the first new ideas for this album. They decided to organize songwriter sessions in the Black Rock Studios at the island of Santorini in Greece, looking for inspiration and new ways to express their expanding interest in different musical directions. The positive vibes and the intensive creative exchange during these "Santorini sessions" form the basis of this amazing album, containing a mixture of typical DJ Antoine songs and exciting extraordinary tunes in a completely different style.

The new album called "Provocateur" contains collaborations with known names from previous DJ Antoine albums, for example Russia's star rapper Timati and the Canadian, Grammy nominated songwriter Jenson Vaughan, who is joining the producer team for the third time already. Some of the new featuring artists are UK Pop and R&B star Jay Sean, appearing on the next single from this album "Weekend Love", UK pop star Conor Maynard, already known from several Top 10 hits in his home country as well as Jordin Sparks, from the USA, with her distinctive voice on "Too Late For Love". Further known names on the album "Provocateur" are Antonio Gerardi, one of the most successful candidates of German Idols in 2015, the Belgian DJ/producer DIMARO and of course Akon on DJ Antoine's 2015 summer hit "Holiday".

More than on any previous album, DJ Antoine and his studio partner Mad Mark show their extraordinary skills in writing and producing different, new styles of music. "Provocateur" is DJ Antoine's most varied and innovative album so far!

The pre-sale of the album "DJ Antoine - Provocateur" already started on the 15th of January 2016, simultaneously with the official release of his single called "Thank You".

The official album release will be on the 18th of March 2016.

Pre-order his new album 'Provocateur‘: http://www.kontorrecords.de/Provocateur

01 Weekend Love (DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark 2k16 Album Version) feat. Jay Sean
02 Best Trick (Dimaro Radio Edit) with Dimaro feat. Maury
03 Too Late For Love vs Mad Mark feat. Jordin Sparks
04 Dancing In The Headlights feat. Conor Maynard
05 Thank You

06 London (DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark 2k16 Radio Edit) with Timati feat. Grigory Leps
07 Holiday (DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark 2k15 Radio Edit) feat. Akon

08 The One with Dimaro feat. Karl Wolf
09 Pink Rose feat. Jaicko Lawrence
10 Keep On Falling feat. Jay Sean
11 Snake Charmer (DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark 2k16 Radio Edit)
12 Torches vs Mad Mark feat. Denny White
13 Elevator (DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark 2k16 Radio Edit) feat. Antonio Gerardi
14 What Do I Do feat. Jaicko Lawrence
15 Chasing Silhouettes vs Mad Mark
16 Explode vs Mad Mark feat. Jaicko Lawrence
17 The One Before with Dimaro

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