REVIEW: Fred Numf - Directions out on Black Hole recordings

1. Dub Mix
2. Johnny Yono Remix
3. Robert Holland & Iris DeeJay Remix

Fred Numf presents his brand new single on the Black Hole imprint, entitled “Directions”.

Fred Numf, the Dutch producer from The Hague, made name with his successful “Universal Language” mix compilation series. His singles “Raw” and “Universal Rhythm” all received positive acclaim, including the 2008 release of “Directions”. The single now receives a well deserved update in this package. Both Fred Numf’s mix compilations and single releases are all dominated by a solid, progressive style and sound and have been compared to the material released by another heavy weight Dutch DJ/Producer, Lucien Foort. Having lost none of it’s purity and freshness, “Directions” is ready for a brand new era of modern day progressive.

The remix package features some serious renditions by the likes of Johnny Yono, Robert Holland and Iris DeeJay and for the DJs with a deeper sound in their live sets, a dub mix was added. Fred Numf still manages to unleash some major floorfiller material, now all packaged in three killer new versions, ready for the progressive dance floors of 2012 and beyond!

Dimitri Kechagias review: The great classic Destinations  by the quality producer and dj Fred Numf is re released with brand new remixes.  Destinations is back in 3 great new versions that you can pick and be sure that your crowd will be highly satisfied with them. First of all is the Dub mix. Progressive trance at its very finest that is deep, dark and very driving as well. Techy sharp edges with raw basslines and with the awesome  unforgettable melodic theme of the original  taking the central role. Ravey feel good melody to raise those hands in the air. Johnny Yono is one of the big new talents and he delivers a smashing electro prog trance version that applies the full vocal and hides a great euphoric surprise in the main section for the listener. Last but not least Robert Holland and Iris DeeJay service a banging tech trance alternative with smashing basslines, great percussion and full on uplifting style climax in the main part! Very strong remixes to update the classic. Love iT!

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