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Album For The Day: The Prodigy - Their Law, The singles 1990-2005 on XL recordings

The Prodigy considered to be one of the most influential and highly infectious electronic music groups that have started their career in the 90's and continue until nowadays to inspire with their spirited sound and memorable performances. The sudden and shocking death of the singer and incredible dancer Keith Flint has attracted the attention once again to this brilliant group and in order to commemorate Keith we nominate as Album For The Day the stunning  Their Law Best Of album that includes the best singles from 1990-2005. The tracks that have shaped generations of music lovers with fantastic mixture of drum n bass, jungle, breaks, ethnic moody mysterious vocal samples, reggae samples, old Tv-Adverts, weird heavy metal guitar riffs and aggressive in your face vocals with slightly political lyrics with social connotations have left their stainless stamp in the history of electronic music and they considered as the godfathers of the specific music subgenre easily named as Rave. Their fantastic live performances were the perfect excuse for many festival goers to go nuts and  leave their revolutionary side to explode and in a way to shout loud and proud their revolt against any political system and their demand to let them celebrate their youth and have great time out with their mates. Their legacy and influence is immense and is highlighted even more from the fact that after the announcement of Keith's death millions of  posts have appeared in  various news sites, music blogs along with social media tributes that appeared and will continue to come in the coming days. His legacy will continue to inspire for sure....

According to their Discogs bio: The Prodigy is British electronic group, founded in 1990. Their first release was single "What Evil Lurks" (1991). Their early music was mostly rave/breakbeat, but has become more mainstream mixing in rock guitars with the third album "The Fat Of The Land" (1997). 

Band members: 
- Liam Howlett (head of the group, producer) 
- Keith Flint (vocals, dancing) 
- Maxim (MCing, vocals) 
Former long term member: 
- Leeroy Thornhill (dancing) 

The original Prodigy line-up was Liam on keyboards and Leeroy, Keith and Sharky as dancers. Maxim was recruited at short notice to MC at their debut gig at Labrynth in Dalston, London. Sharky left the group at Christmas 1990 after they got their record deal with XL as she didn't want to devote more time to the band. Their initial deal with XL was for 4 singles, with XL paying a £1500 advance prior to the first single. 

The Prodigy briefly used the pseudonym Earthbound (6) (named after Liam's studio) for the original white-label summer releases of "One Love" (1993). Leeroy Thornhill left the band in 2000. 

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