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ALBUM: York - Traveller out on Planet Love / Black Hole recordings

Including ‘Traveller’, York has finished four studio albums. It took him three years to finish this double-album that features 20 new songs, and like his previous Album Islander, it has completely produced entirely on the Caribbean island of Antigua.

Torsten Stenzel, the mastermind behind the project that he had started in 1997 with his Brother Jörg Stenzel, moved from Ibiza to Antigua in 2007. Listening to Traveller, everybody can hear the Caribbean influence. On some songs like What are we waiting for? he mixes reggae with a house track. Inusa Dawuda delivered the vocals for this track, an old friend from his Ibiza times.

Traveller has more collaborations on it then the previous album, but also features a chill out side, along with a danceable side. The Chilled part of the album starts with a beautiful song called How did I fall in Love?, that he wrote with Nathan Red and Kim Sanders, who is very known through her appearances with Schiller and The Voice in Germany. The song has a very deep guitar line and Kim´s vocals give you instant goosebumps. The second song on the chilled section is called Salty Belle and features the chill out producer R.I.B. This track was inspired by York´s Boat, called Salty Belle, and his travels with her all through the Caribbean. If you close your eyes and listen, you will find yourself swaying over the waves.

“My Ship” is another collaboration with Ginger Mackenzie.
Back in 2002 she delivered the vocals on the remix of “The Awakening” and “Angels will help You”, taken from the first and second York artist albums.

Since Jörg didn't play all the guitars on the album, Torsten featured him on the most important songs with amazing guitar parts. On the Song “Burning Flame” he plays a solo that will grab your heart, a fusion of Pink Floyd with a chill-out twist.

Along with French artist Ferry Tayle, York produced the beautiful song “Under the Stars”, that also features Asheni with her soft and melancholic vocals. She had also sung “Iceflowers”, an alluring tune that got recognition through the French Buddha Bar Compilation series.

York’s style is mainly to be found in the world of minor keys. When he writes a song, you never find too many major chords. The essence of the project is melancholy and thoughtful, without being too dark. With “Rank 1” he made a very nice tune called “This world is so Amazing”, featuring an acoustic guitar. By the way, all guitars on this Album, and also many basslines and other instruments are real instruments and no plugins. York thinks they have a different feeling.

On “Oceanica” he collaborated with the chillout newcomers ‘Mysticage’ and the result is a deep chillout track with a cool groove and an amazing Guitar riff. He had Mike Oldfield in mind, when he mixed this song. Mike Oldfield sometimes uses the same phrases for the guitar and bassline, an interesting element that York also borrows.

On “Once upon a time” you can hear a little girl talking - his second daughter Leila. On this very positive song, the idea was, that this world should be a better place. He collaborated on this track with the uplifting Trance producer ‘Dreamy’. The Club version of this song will be released on Pure Trance Recordings, the label of the cult producer Solarstone.

A very special song is “The Horizon of Mars”, the original version was composed by Anthya from Italy. York heard it and was blown away by the beauty of this Song, that could be the soundtrack of a movie. He recorded guitars for it and produced the song for the Album.

The track “Crusin” will give you exactly that feeling: Crusing with an convertible on the Pacific Ocean Highway. York is quite often in Los Angeles and this song is definitely inspired by the city of Angels.

“Nothing is Over” started as a jam session with the guitar player Carlos Bridge and his friend Shervine, who plays the bassline. The result is a super groovy song that develops beautifully over a couple of minutes. York layered the acoustic guitars into a spheric chill out atmosphere.

The last song on the “Chilled” Side is a jazz version of “With You”, that he previously released on his Label Planet Love Records as a club track. Alexander K.G Klaus delivered the vocals, who has had releases with ‘Lange’ from the UK. His effortless vocal performance has this indie feeling, that York loves a lot.

Stylistically York ‘travels’ through various musical styles and takes whatever he likes from different genres. This is not just a trance album, or a chillout album. There is also house music, balearic on it, and even reggae. On the physical CD of “Traveller” the songs are separated: the chillout tracks are on ‘Chilled’ and the more dance-orientated tracks on the second CD called ‘Not so chilled’.

On the digital release it just fades from chillout to dance. “Moving in the Shadows”. With Nathan Red and Doris Pearson is the first more dance-orientated tune. Doris Pearson was a big star in the 80’s with her Band ‘5 Star’. Torsten´s friend and co-writer of this Song Adrian Zagoritis, introduced them and recorded the vocals for it in his London Studio.

The second song “Lilileaf Ladybell” was released end of last year on Planet Love Records. This track is very important for York, it has that typical amazing Guitar hook, this time combined with a progressive trance beat. He produced this song in collaboration with his friend Marco Torrance from Germany.

“Seaborne” again picks water as its element. Someone very special performs the vocals, his first daughter Jamie Lou. Jamie is an rising star as a singer and you are guaranteed to hear more from her in the future. His friend Steve Brian supported him on this tune with production elements, when he visited him in Antigua.

“Bayette” has the outstanding vocals by Tumi Thusi from South Africa. This song has a very tribal groove, takes you straight to the black continent. In the breakdown, the strings and flutes turn it into pure emotion.

With ATB he released already “Back to You”, the song was also on ATB´s last Album (Contact) and his version features the American Singer ‘Jes’, whereas York’s version is instrumental, but has a lead guitar in it, that took over Jes´s parts. On youtube you will also find a video of the track, that York shot and produced by himself, after last Summer.

“Kings & Queens” is a collaboration with his old friends Taucher and Ayla. But York chooses to put this Stoneface & Terminal Remix on the Album, because he likes it better then the original version.

Again with Nathan Red, he created the song “Feels like Heaven”, that has a super strong trance meets 80’s vibe. The vocals are from the Miami based singer ‘Scar”, York knows him from writing sessions for other Artists and invited him to his Antigua Studio. The Song is inspired by the outbreak of the volcano Surfrir on the neighbouring island of Montserrat. When the pyroglastic cloud destroyed the island, everybody had to leave in a hurry. Just a couple of robbers came back by boat and robbed all the banks.Even today the FBI finds dollar bills from that robbery all over the world, but they never found the guys who did it. An unknown story.

With Alexander Klaus, he collaborated already, this time he delivered the vocals for “Greyhound” a track that he made with Chola. It is maybe one of the strongest club tunes on that Album.

Then the Album breaks down and “What are we waiting for” gets introduced with the Piano Interlude. We already talked about this track earlier and so we jump to the last Track called “We are” that York produced together with Justin ‘Jus Bus’ Nation and the newcomer singer ‘Arlen’ that was born in Antigua. His unbelievable soulful voice will get you. “We are” will also be released with house remixes on the Italian House label ‘Double Cheese’ Recordings, that had numerous hits at Traxsource.

Many of the songs will be released with remixes as singles on Planet Love Recordings. York is not sure which one, but time will tell.

Stay tuned and don't stop Traveling…
Traveller will be released with a 500 copy limited CD edition as a physical release on the 8th of July on Planet Love Recordings/Blackhole available at Amazon and of course digital over all online stores.

CD1: Chilled
1. How Did I Fall in Love? (with Nathan Red & Kim Sanders) - 08:01
2. Salty Belle (feat. R.I.B. & J.Stenzel) - 06:22
3. My Ship (feat. Ginger Mackenzie) - 04:20
4. Traveller - 04:17
5. Burning Flame (with Nathan Red feat. J.Stenzel) - 06:46
6. Under The Stars (with Ferry Tayle feat. Asheni) - 05:52
7. This World is so Amazing (with Rank 1 feat. Lola) - 04:29
8. Oceanica (with Mysticage) - 07:21
9. Once Upon a Time (with Dreamy feat. Leila) - 06:09
10. The Horizon of Mars (with Anthya) - 05:39
11. Crusin' (with Project Blue Sun) - 06:43
12. Nothing is Over (with Wadadli Acoustics) - 04:49
13. With You ( with Deep Voices feat. Alexander K.G. Klaus) - 05:29

CD2: Not So Chilled
1. Moving in The Shadows (with Nathan Red feat. Doris Pearson) - 06:50
2. Lilyleaf Ladybell (with Marco Torrance) (Videomix) - 04:19
3. Seaborne (with JL) - 06:47
4. Bayette (with Tumi Thusi) - 06:48
5. Right Back to You (with ATB) (CD VERSION ONLY)
6. Kings & Queens (with Taucher & Ayla) (Stoneface & Terminal Radiocut) - 03:58
7. Feels Like Heaven (with Nathan Red feat. Scar) - 05:25
8. Greyhound (with Chola feat. Alexander K.G. Klaus) - 05:17
9. Interlude - 00:57
10. What Are We Waiting For? (feat. Inusa Dawuda) - 03:58
11. We Are (feat. Arlen) 04:08

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