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FEATURE: Johnny Yono offers his latest anthem Night Vision as Free Download

Johnny  Yono
Artists tend to produce their best work when they're doing it for themselves with zero pressure from outside forces imposing the expectations. While virtuoso beat makers like Johnny Yono have yet to disappoint and have decorated their resume with resoundingly, powerful and acclaimed dance tracks, they have done so by pushing their personal tastes to the sidelines. "Night Vision" is a special tune, one that Yono claims truly defines who he is. It's dark and groovy swing entices any listener to start moving and its unmistakable injections of new wave and classic electronica give it an abundance of character. Though its not a complete departure from his previous works, make no mistake "Night Vision" is Trance at its core and its gritty bass line keeps the energy levels high enough to make it certified club ready, but it's also a record that can be enjoyed on even the smallest of sound systems. It's not galvanizing exuberance that or hands high euphoria, but rather a modernized form of retro, nostalgia and coolness. This is a track that Johnny wants everyone to hear and perhaps the start of a new era for the illustrious producer. 

'Night Vision' is a work of passion by Trance aficionado, Johnny Yono. A track that not only embodies the symphonic, mystical nature of Trance music but, also pays tribute to Electronica's early innovators with it's deep and groovy, retro swing. It's Yono making his resurgence to a purer and darker sound of Progressive and doing so in a most fluent manner.

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