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GUEST REVIEWS: Alex Wright's April 2017, Top 5 Trance Encounters

The very talented UK based dj and producer Alex Wright, who has  releases on top labels including AVA recordings, Always Alive, Levitated Music, Sundance, Veritas recordings, Blue Soho, Emergent Shores and many more with support from the biggest trance djs in the world including Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Markus Schulz and many more every month selects and reviews his Top 5 tracks of each month ahead of his radio show Trance Encounters that is streamed on 1mix radio every 1st Friday of every month with great success and big following. Exclusively for 1mix radio and Flux BPM Online Alex Wright chooses his top 5 trance encounters for April 2017. Alex Wright has studied extensively music production and he holds BSc degree in Audio & Recording Technology from De Montfort University, Leicester (DMU). Enjoy reading what he has to comment on each release with his knowledge as producer and DJ and of course put in your diary a reminder to not miss his radio show on 1mix radio.

     April 2017 Trance Encounters Top 5

Daniel Kandi & Dreamy - Match Made In Heaven [Always Alive Recordings] 

Alex Wright Review: Bringing that classic Anjunabeats flavour back again is the Danish duo of pool champion Daniel Kandi and upcoming producer Jack Aiman Hψye aka Dreamy. Match Made In Heaven is dedicated to Jack's grandparents who are no longer with us but mean a lot to him. There is no faulting that some honest and pure emotion has been poured into this production which sports gorgeous chords and beautiful piano flickers. The main lead melody cries out with sincere, heart-felt power and all the fine details make this one cinematic and moving uplifter. Up there with the likes of Suru and Venice Beach, this is that old sound that a lot of us crave! Overall Mark:10/10

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Daniel Vitellaro Feat. Tina K - All I Need (Amos & Riot Night Remix) [AVA White] 

Alex Wright Review: Liverpool duo Amos & Riot Night are back with a remix on A.R.D.I's newly-launched AVA White label of Daniel Viterallo Feat. Tina K - All I Need. While the attack on the kick sounds a bit off to me, the balance of the mix is pretty nice overall. Some nice atmospheric chops made from the vocal carry the intro along before the verse starts with mid range basses and acid sounds. I'm not a huge fan of the vocal sound and processing as it's quite harsh in the upper mids however the pads that sit underneath are nice and smooth, helping build up the soundscape. When things move down into the break, the progression fits beautifully with the vocal melody which is very nice indeed. Before long an anthemic saw lead comes in underneath the chorus which is a bit tinny-sounding but does its job pretty well and the suspense created in the build up lifts the energy in fine style. I particularly like the impact when the chorus hits and I can imagine this sounding pretty strong out loud in a club environment. Great effort from the guys and I can hear their sound developing for 
sure.Overall Mark:7/10

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Enzo - Uplift [Silent Shore White] 

Alex Wright Review: A previously unheard of producer to me, Enzo's new release on Silent Shore White took my ears by surprise a fair bit when I checked out the promo that landed in my inbox. Now the overall production sound may be slightly amateurish however the ideas that sit in the middle are quite beautiful. It has a bit of a resemblance to Ciaran McAuley's tunes however if you forget this then you can get lost in the uplifting euphoria of the strings and vocal in the break. Lots of melodic content is there for your aural pleasure which helps build a satisfying and heavenly sound, and as things build up to the climax, the chords rise and lift making this quite a strong release for the label!Overall Mark:7/10

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Pablo Anon & Type 41 - Tonight [Extrema Global Music] 

Alex Wright Review: Over on Extrema, Paul Anon & Type 41 churn out something a bit harder and edgier with daggering basslines and a pounding kick and ride which means business. As the snare hits signalling the time to mix over and "drop the bass" if you will, the result is not disappointing as the balance is pretty on point. Some lurking detuned saws and upfront acids add drama to the tracks as things get going in the intro, and after this things break down to a no-nonsense lead pattern and frankly quite cheap-sounding strings. However, once this part is over the main lead pattern comes in which follows a fairly generic chord pattern but is quite catchy nonetheless. The main section is quite hard hitting however not really my cup of tea if I'm honest!Overall Mark:6/10

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Steve Allen - Horus [Digital Society Recordings] 

Alex Wright Review: Steve Allen is one half of the hugely successful duo Allen & Envy from Leicester, UK and as his solo career gets moving, he brings us his first original release on Enhanced sublabel Digital Society Recordings. 'Horus' features that sigature mid-range rolling bass that he has become a master of as well as some neat percussion and vocal blurs. Metallic acids paint a well-rounded picture before the marching sub line enters along with a warm, uplifting pluck which teases the main melodic theme nicely. Things build back up with a counter pluck arpeggio and some hissy pads to lift the energy up slightly. The break showcases quite a natural sounding piano ostinato and the main theme in its totality with lovely open backing saws to add size to the overall sonic picture. The climax doesn't disappoint and is quite beautiful with lots of drive and feeling. A great fit for Digital Society Recordings and a strong way to start Steve's single releases.Overall Mark:8/10

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Trance Encounters with Alex Wright #042

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