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BEST OF 2019 Interview with Vinylsurfer

The German talent VINYLSURFER is a master at what he does, and his latest releases on Sirup Music proves that statement to be right. 

For example his track on Sirup Music called Aavaa has a reoccuring TRIBAL VOCAL, which builds on the ATMOSPHERIC & SPACIOUS VIBE throughout the whole track. 

Accompanied by some SYNCOPATED PERCUSSION, WARM SYNTHS & a gentle bassline, this track is perfect for when you wanna lay back, throw on your headphones and zone out! 

His track on Sirup named TOGETHER reminds us of his SPACIOUS and LAID BACK VIBE. 

A great addition to any set, this track gives a moment for the crowd to BREATHE, while KEEPING THE GROOVE. With a UPLIFTING BASS LINE and somewhat NOSTALGIC VOCALS, this track is also a great EMOTIONAL BANGER to listen to in the car, at work or in your personal playlist! 

Dimitris: Your biggest music career achievements in 2019:
Vinylsurfer: My first release on Sirup Music

Dimitris: Please rate your online presence/visibility in 2019 from 0-10?Please elaborate with short comment.
Vinylsurfer: 8- It could be a bit more regularly

1) Best track(s) and short comment for each track from other fellow artists in 2019
Vinylsurfer: 1. Eelke Kleijn - Lost Souls (Nora En Pure Remix) - Both are great artists and the combination of both is just awesome.

2. Leftwing : Kody - I Feel It - Has a great energy and always brings you into a good mood!

3. Adana Twins - My Computer - The groove, the vocal, everything is just perfect.

2) Best of 2019 personal productions with short comment about them:
Vinylsurfer: Vinylsurfer - Together

Vinylsurfer - Aavaa

My two first releases on Sirup Music

3) Best Artist in 2019(DJ & producer) with short comment:
Vinylsurfer: Really hard to say. There are so many talented producers.

5) YOUR Best Remix which you have produced in 2019 with short comment?
Vinylsurfer: Marc'o Tool - THX (Vinylsurfer Remix)

7) Best New Talent in 2019 (DJ or producer) with short comment :
Vinylsurfer:  Milkwish

8) Best electronic dance music album in 2019 with short comment:
Vinylsurfer: Eric Prydz - PRYDA 15 VOL III

Eric Prydz never disappoints

9) Best electronic dance music compilation in 2019 with short comment? :
Vinylsurfer: Anjunadeep 10

Best music to listen to in the car or at work

10) Best electronic dance music label for 2019 with short comment:
Vinylsurfer: Sirup Music

11) Best online social media for 2019 with short comment:
Vinylsurfer: Instagram

12) Best music composition software in 2019 with short comment:
Vinylsurfer: Cubase

It gets better and better with each version

13)Best Club event /Festival/music conference in 2019 with short comment:
Vinylsurfer: ADE

Best event for networking and meeting people

14) Your Best personal DJ Gig & DJ performance in 2019 with short comment:
Vinylsurfer: Laute Wiese Open Air 2019

15) Best DJ set from other fellow DJ in 2019 with short comment:
Vinylsurfer: Nora En Pure @ Ultra Music Festival Miami

16) Best radio show/podcast or Vlog(video blog) in 2019 with short comment. It can be yours or from other artists you respect:
Vinylsurfer: EDX - No Excuses

17) Best music related website in 2019 with short comment:
Vinylsurfer: 1001Tracklist

18) Best production or DJ equipment (a)software & (b) hardware) in 2019 with short comment:
Vinylsurfer: The latest Cubase version
The favourable analog synths by Behringer

19) Best technical tips that you learnt in 2019 in relation to your DJing or music productions:
Vinylsurfer: Using "real" instruments for productions to make the sound more unique and organic

20) Best piece of personal or music bussiness advice you got in relation to your career in 2019 and has helped you to progress even further:
Vinylsurfer: Work harder :-D

21) Best travel tips in 2019 to survive the long travelling hours and jetlag:
Vinylsurfer: Don't drink too much at your gigs :-D

22) Best ever electronic dance music track(s) of all times with short comment?
Vinylsurfer: There are too many and the list gets longer every year.

23) Best hobby or creative activity except music production in 2019:
Vinylsurfer: Bouldering (Rock climbing)

Dimitris: Do you have any concrete plans for 2020 regarding future releases, tracks, albums, collaborations, DJ gigs? Please provide us the juicy details.
Vinylsurfer: Just release more good music! :-)