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BEST OF 2019 Interview with Sergio Trillini

Sergio Trillini was born in Zurich. Early in his life the young DJ and producer discovered his passion for electronic music. He was totally fascinated by the art of Djing and the possibility to produce his own songs. So he dedicated himself to this activity – with success! Bookings in the most prestigious clubs of Switzerland followed, and the young man from Zurich with Italian roots established himself quite fast in the scene. Today his music could be defined being melodic, electronic as well as innovative. This also shows on his own productions. Besides numerous chart placements on „Beatport“, he shortly entered into the viral TOP 50 weekly charts on « Spotify » with his single « Close to me ». His special skill to incorporate various elements out of different styles into one song explains why his songs are played regularly by international top-acts like Lost Frequencies, Don Diabolo and Sam Feldt.

Dimitris: Your biggest music career achievements in 2019:
Sergio Trillini: I was able to release a total of 4 songs this year. The single single “Made of Steel” made it to numerous CD-compilations and the single "Rewind" got over 100,000 views on Yutube and was supported by Don Diablo. My last single "Golden Kiss" entered into the Beatport Dance Charts and was added into the official "Best new Dance October" compilation of Beatport. It was my strongest release-year so far. 

Dimitris: Please rate your online presence/visibility in 2019 from 0-10?Please elaborate with short comment.
Sergio Trillini: 5! Often I am so focused on producing that I forget to take care of my social media. 

1) Best track(s) and short comment for each track from other fellow artists in 2019
Sergio Trillini: There are so many good songs. It is difficult to select a single one. I really like Pretty Pink's new single Deepest Beat.

2) Best of 2019 personal productions with short comment about them:
Sergio Trillini: Definitively "Rewind". Sometimes you work on songs for weeks and you're never really satisfied with the final product. I finished Rewind after 3 days and was totally satisfied. 

3) Best Artist in 2019(DJ & producer) with short comment:
Sergio Trillini: Without a doubt Meduza. After the awesome single “Piece of your heart”, in my opinion, they managed to do even better with the last Single “Lose Control”.

4) Best Remix(es) from other fellow artists in 2019 with short comment :
Sergio Trillini: The remix of Alok for the single by Meduza "Piece of your heart".

5) YOUR Best Remix which you have produced in 2019 with short comment?
Sergio Trillini: This year, I focused exclusively on original songs. However, I have planned to produce some remixes for next year.

6) Best electronic dance music album in 2019 with short comment:
Sergio Trillini: It's hard to choose one because there are not many albums released in 2019. If I had to choose one, I would choose the album "Alive and Feeling Fine" by Lost Frequencies.

7) Best electronic dance music compilation in 2019 with short comment? :
Sergio Trillini: Of course I like every compilation in which one of my songs is represented :P. Apart from that, I like the Kontor compilations a lot. I would be happy to find one of my songs on one of these compilations one day.

8) Best lyrics in electronic dance music track(s) in 2019 with short comment :
Sergio Trillini: I love the Lyrics of Jerome's song "Light” very well. I also like the way they were edited.

9) Best vocalist/singer on electronic dance music track in 2019 with short comment:
Sergio Trillini: Harloe on Robin Schulz's single "All this Love".

10) Best electronic dance music label for 2019 with short comment:
Sergio Trillini: It's hard to pick one. There are many labels doing an excellent job. I really like to work with Sirup Music.

11) Best electronic dance music video for 2019 with short comment:
Sergio Trillini: 
Although it is not electronic music, but I like the music videos of Billie Eilish very well.

12) Best online social media for 2019 with short comment:
Sergio Trillini: Instagram is still the strongest in my opinion. But also Tik Tok is gradually getting stronger. Tik Tok has been responsible for some hits over the last 1-2 years. As an artist you should keep an eye on this medium.

13) Best music composition software in 2019 with short comment:
Sergio Trillini: I still use Ableton for my productions. Unfortunately, I have to confess that I still have not switched to version 10. I hope I can do it before Ableton 11 comes out Haha.

14)Best Club event /Festival/music conference in 2019 with short comment:
Sergio Trillini: Every year in August the street parade takes place in Zurich. A very special event as the whole city becomes a big rave. I advise everyone who is in Switzerland at this time to visit the street parade. The biggest advantage, it does not cost entry.

15) Best review that you have read in 2019 about your tracks or for other artists tracks(please provide the link if this review is online):
Sergio Trillini: The magazine "Weraveyou" wrote a cool article about my single "Made of Steel".

16) Best production or DJ equipment (a)software & (b) hardware) in 2019 with short comment:
Sergio Trillini: There are now infinitely many good production software. A plugin that gave me a lot of fun this year was from "Hofa". It's called Hofa System. I also like the Slate Bundle very well.

17) Best sound sample that has been used frequently in electronic dance music tracks in 2019 (personal or from other artists):
Sergio Trillini: I notice that in many productions the samples of Kshmr can be heard. I can not say which is the best sample. However, I recommend all producers to use Splice. The sample library and search filters are excellent.

18) Best technical tips that you learnt in 2019 in relation to your DJing or music productions:
Sergio Trillini: I definitely learnt that less is more. In the digital age, it can quickly happen that you load countless audio plugins on a channel. Even if this is not necessary.

Dimitris: Do you have any concrete plans for 2020 regarding future releases, tracks, albums, collaborations, DJ gigs? Please provide us the juicy details.
Sergio Trillini: Absolute. I have many songs in the pipeline. One of them is already signed. 

Dimitris: Your message & wishes for 2020.
Sergio Trillini: Happiness, health, peace and a lot of good music.

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